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Grey Noise Audio Vitamin

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Product Description

Are you ready to enjoy the life-changing benefits of Grey Noise Audio Vitamin? Just slip on your headphones – and get ready to enjoy hours of peaceful bliss, completely free of all outside distractions. Grey Noise Audio Vitamin is a lighter version of White Noise Audio Vitamin.

You’ll get an one hour engineered audio track that goes beyond regular binaural beats, to help you instantly relax, focus & live joyfully with no extra effort. Our vision to empower you to take control of your mind.

You can also use Grey Noise Audio Vitamin to:

  • Boost your concentration levels
  • Block soft distractions instantly
  • Soothe headaches and migraines, naturally
  • Help you relax and enjoy a deep sleep
  • Calm nervous pets and children
  • Feel the difference in minutes, not weeks

The Benefits – Experience the Wonder of Grey Noise Audio Vitamin!

The static tones in Grey Noise Audio Vitamin make it particularly good at blocking out soft background noise, easily sharpening your focus, and slightly reducing tinnitus symptoms.

You can also use Grey Noise Audio Vitamin to help you:

  • Increase your concentration levels, boosting productivity
  • Ease the piercing sounds perceived by tinnitus sufferers
  • Relax deeper, and get to sleep, quickly and easily
  • Block out soft distractions
  • Naturally soothe headaches and migraines
  • Overcome irritation and distractions associated with ADD and ADHD
  • Calm down nervous pets and help children get to sleep
  • Mask any outside sounds – noisy streets, neighbours, and more

Grey Noise Audio Vitamin session helps you to completely mask all background sound. It is proven by science, and available as instant MP3 download.


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